Orchard Park


Shared Vision - Making the Visible Invisible




A large-scale temporary light installation made from 1000’s of different shades of light filters raised high above the ground and visible after dark. This would be informed by the colour and structure of Unwins sweet pea trial grounds.


William Unwin rented a field on Impington Lane, where he grew sweet peas for the London market.


The firm began in 1903. The sweet peas were picked early in the morning to remain as fresh as possible after a long journey to market. It was soon evident that a greater profit was to be made in mail order seed that in blooms. Further varieties were bred and by 1914 Unwins was recognised as a world leader in sweet pea breeding. Today seed is purchased on contract from all over the world.


The potential location would be an open area abutting Kings Hedges Road and would take place in Spring 2006, and would be subject to a successful planning application.